Hydrogen: from abundant element to sustainable powerhouse

Hydrogen is the lightest and simplest element we know. It is also the most abundant element in the universe, constituting about 75% of the elemental mass. However, on Earth, you hardly ever come across it on its own. Hydrogen is highly reactive, readily forming chemical bonds with other elements. Therefore, it is primarily found in compound form, such as water (H2O) or hydrocarbons.

hydrogen representation

Roger Energy: pioneering large-scale green hydrogen production

Hydrogen from fossil fuels is already widely produced and used in the industrial sector, but green hydrogen is still rare. ROGER is the frontrunner in the production of green hydrogen on large scale. ROGER produces green hydrogen by using sustainable energy to separate hydrogen (H2) from other molecules, for example water (H2O) or biogas (CH4). Our green hydrogen is an excellent emission-free substitute for fossil fuels for transport and heavy-duty equipment.

ROGER combines both proven and new technology to produce green hydrogen. Combining these technologies and multiple sources of sustainable energy results in a continuous production of green hydrogen. In this way ROGER guarantees a reliable supply of green hydrogen to its customers. This is a strong stimulus for the companies to make the transition to hydrogen-powered equipment.

container hydrogen production

We produce grade five hydrogen, which is 99,999% pure and can be used in fuel cells. We compress and store the green hydrogen in high-pressure (350-700 bar) 20-foot containers for transportation to the locations of our customers.

Our secondary value streams include by-products from the hydrogen production such as oxygen and heat. The excess heat can for instance be applied internally or for district heating, the oxygen is captured and used in our production processes and supplied to neighboring waste water treatment facilities and other industries. ROGER ensures cross-sector integration in order to increase overall system efficiency and to reduce the loss of valuable products.

Seizing the moment for europe's energy revolution

Europe has an increasing amount of renewable energy capacity, but it is not always available. And at other times, there is simply too much. Hydrogen can be used as a means of energy storage, allowing renewable energy to be captured and stored for later use. The production of green hydrogen solves the intermittency issue associated with renewable energy sources and facilitates a more stable and reliable electricity grid without curtailment.

Hydrogen can be produced efficiently and cost-effective, to store and distribute substantial amounts of renewable energy, paving the way for further large-scale investment in wind and solar power and offering the solution for grid balancing. Large-scale production of green hydrogen is a crucial step towards a carbon-neutral future.

infographic hydrogen production

ROGER develops, realizes, owns, and operates production plants in places with abundant renewable energy and hydrogen offtake in the same region. Interested to partner with ROGER in the development of hydrogen production? Contact us today.

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